How to nominate a woman for Australian Honours

Nominating an exceptional woman for Australian Honours is easier than you think

Nomination process

Step 1: Research

Xổ số BareaAll nominations are confidential.

Xổ số BareaYou may choose to contact your nominee’s friends, family or colleagues, or you can nominate with a group of friends or colleagues, to help find the information you need. 

Step 2: Contact referees

Referees should agree to support the nomination, but they don't need to write anything in advance. The Council will contact referees after the nomination is reviewed.

Xổ số BareaYou can list up to 4 referees in the nomination. If you can only find 2 to 3 referees, the Council may contact another referee from their networks.

The Nominator guide, listed in the Downloads section below, includes a template email you may use to contact referees. 

Step 3: Write nomination

Xổ số BareaYou don't have to write an essay: bullet points are an easy way to list your nominee’s achievements.

The Council for the Order of Australia look for the ways your nominee has gone above and beyond in their service and contributions to their community, industry or Australian society. Think about the ways your nominee’s contributions have been truly exceptional, and how they've gone above and beyond in their role. 

You can download the Nomination form working document in the Downloads section below to start drafting your nomination.

Step 4: Submit online

You need to submit your nomination using the . If you're using the Nomination form working document, you will need to copy and paste the information into the online form.

The online form will only allow you to save a draft nomination for 14 days, so keeping a Word draft ensures you won’t lose your work.

What's next

Xổ số BareaAfter you've submitted the nomination, it can take 1 to 2 years for the Council to decide whether or not to award an Honour to the nominee. You will be notified either way.

For more tips and a sample of the online form, download our Nominator guide from the Downloads section below.


Everything you need to get started, including an email template for contacting referees and sample of the nomination form with tips.

Xổ số BareaReviewed 05 March 2019

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